First AX — ASUS RT-AX88U

As soon as the first AX router hit the market, I bought it immediately.

Why would you need such a cutting edge router that doesn’t even have any compatible clients? Well, it actually does have some — a Galaxy S10/S10+ and at least one Intel AX200 adapter. Moreover, any manufacturer, when releasing a cutting edge router, usually implements not only support of the latest standards and the widest functionality, but also the most progressive hardware, maximum memory capacity, more ports, etc.

The router itself is a huge black box. You can position it on any surface or you can hang it on the wall — as you wish. As you can see, I chose the wall mounting option. Antennas have a little bit of ‘gold’ on them to increase throughput, of course.

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Kraken X42, Kraken G12 and installation of a liquid cooling system on GPU (2080 ti)

It has been said repeatedly by intelligent men on the web, that liquid cooling systems make sense only if the following conditions apply:

  • your chassis have very limited space;
  • cold plate can be installed directly on chip;
  • you need to cool something really hot.

In other words, this option is perfect for GPUs.

Why you need this

To decrease the GPU temperatures radically and — consequently — to get higher operating frequencies and less noisy set-up. Obviously, it makes sense to perform such procedures only if your GPU really heats a lot and costs higher than average, because a ready-to-use closed cooling system solution with an adapter plate (to be installed on the GPU) plus everything else (more about this coming later) will cost you around 250 USD. Therefore it makes sense to install such system only if you have something like 2080/2080ti.

Overview of the procedure

You remove the standard cooling system from your GPU (additionally, in 90% of cases you also remove the back plate), you install the cold plate and the pump unit, then you install the GPU inside the case, and then you install the heat exchange unit together with the radiator fan inside the case as well.

Below is the description of how to install a liquid cooling system successfully (from the first try!) on your 2080 ti. In this example we will take the Kraken X42 + Kraken G12, because this set-up seems to be optimal for the cooling efficiency vs. noise factor.

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