About computer desks and workplaces in general

Choosing a computer desk is indeed challenging. Almost every furniture store offers a bunch of those ugly closet-like freaks that steal a good half of the room. Let’s not forget about ridiculous stands for CDs, platforms for 17-inch monitors and other nonsense.

I have basically no idea why these infernal monsters from the 90s are still here nor do I know who actually may buy it and why. It’s not that I would love to know it, but still.

My passion for minimalist lines says an ideal computer desk should look something like the following:

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Audiophile corner

For a while now, I have been thinking to organize a dedicated place at home, where I could listen to music thoughtfully though headphones, and spend a time with a good book, if the mood is right. First, I checked, how the true audiophiles organize their place — all of them would just have a table with piles of hardware and various devices stacekd. Looks appalling and takes up a lot of space. As for me, I was looking for a compact, neat and functional solution. 

After giving it much thought, I came up with this:

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