DALI IO-6 and the Hobson’s Choice

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Reviewing any wireless Bluetooth headphones is always quite difficult, because they’re all, well… pretty bad.

If you’re looking for some decent sound quality, every model of Bluetooth headphones, whatever their cost is, has a wired competitor that sounds better, but costs less or at least doesn’t cost a lot more. Of course, the sound source and its cost needs to be taken into account, too, but that only makes the expensive wireless models situation even more deplorable: if the wireless headphones cost somewhere around $200, then for this money you can buy both decent wired headphones and a nice sound source. And this headphones/sound source combination is going to be a whole lot better then the wireless analog from the same price segment.

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Ollo Audio S4X Headphones Review

The Slovenian Ollo Audio company manufactures headphones since 2015. Both two current Ollo models are for musicians, sound engineers and other professionals whose everyday tasks are related to sound.

Today we have an open-back S4X model to review (product page).

Spoiler: these headphones are darn good.

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M12s, Magni, Vali: a comparative review of Kennerton headphones

I’ve got three pairs of Kennerton headphones delivered at once for a review: the M12s, the Magni and the Vali.

I’ve already reviewed the more expensive models, which are the Gjallarhorn and the Wodan, and now it’s time to take a look at the less pricey representatives of the line. These are two closed-back and one open-back dynamic model.

I’ll describe the features of each of them, show the measurements, and compare them with each other below. Along the way, I’ll try to explain what these headphones are best suited for and which types of listeners they primarily target.

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Kennerton Gjallarhorn JM Edition Headphones Review

The plague is spreading across the planet, and we’re safe and sound at home. Going out to cinema, concerts, exhibitions isn’t what matters anymore and is even quite unsafe for health. It’s all about ourselves that matters now and its importance only increases.

Therefore, today I’m going to review one of the rare types of good closed-back headphones: Kennerton Gjallarhorn JM Edition.

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